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Welcome to Elite College Knowledge®

We’re excited to introduce Elite College Knowledge,® our curated collection of insight and information related to the expensive endeavor of higher education. We’ll share stories of personal experiences, as well as professional advice to help you navigate your college planning journey.

The objective of Elite College Knowledge® is to share the inside information we’ve gathered over 20-plus years helping families get their kids into college, and effectively afford paying for it. From rules and regulations to deadline changes, we understand the ins and outs of the financial aid system and how the government calculates what your family will be required to pay. Every college-bound student is different—as is every college. We’ve helped hundreds of kids find their “perfect fit” school, and we’ve developed successful strategies for both admissions and funding.

Through Elite College Knowledge,® we want to ensure that you’re armed with information, and are prepared for the intricate process of college admissions and finance. Our goal is to provide you with every advantage as you begin the college selection process.

David Kozak
October 15, 2019

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“I am so glad we are working with Elite Collegiate Planning because we have a team helping make sure we do what's best to make college affordable for our children.”

Henry & Jill H. Collegeville, PA

“Elite Collegiate Planning streamlined the college process that we didn’t have the knowledge or time to deal with. We knew it was a big deal and were fortunate we found Elite Collegiate Planning when we did. Our daughter is now at the University of Pennsylvania and we are paying far less than we thought possible. Thanks Dave!”

Tim & Erin G. Collegeville, PA

"The plan created by Elite Collegiate Planning has made a tremendous difference in our ability to afford college and retirement. The knowledge provided enabled us to make decisions that made sense for our family and our future."

Sarah & Bill B. Eagleville, PA


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